About Us

A very brief history:

The ULPSU was initially formed as the Postgraduate Students’ Association (PSA) in September 2002. Since that time it has directly represented every postgraduate student that has passed through the doors of UL. Initially a much smaller operation, the PSA continued to develop and expand throughout the 2000s. The PSA became the Postgraduate Students’ Union (PSU) in the academic year 2012/13, and has continued to increase its operations.

The current President is Aimée McKenzie. Her term in office began in June 2016 and she is currently serving a second term, which will last until June 2018.

ULPSU Presidents:

1. Jarleth Munnelly (2002/03)

2. John O’Reilly (2003/04)

3. Sorcha Keegan (2004/05)

4. Maria McHale (2005/06)

5. Maya Niebrzegowska (2006/07)

6. Emma Murphy (2007-09: Served two terms)

7. Michael Bourke (2009/10)

8. Dan Comerford (2010/11)

9. Sarah Jane Hennelly (2011/12)

10. Cian Spillane (2012/13)

11. Lily Carroll (2013/14)

12. Seamus Noonan (2014/15)

13. Seán McKillen (2015/16)

14. Aimée McKenzie (2016/2018)


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