Orientation Tour

Postgraduate Campus Tour 2016/2017

If you were not able to make it to campus for the Orientation tour, here is a rundown of the places you would have been taken. The room numbers are included so you can find them again. Some of these locations have a video to guide you on the Places for Postgraduates page on this website.

Welcome to UL!

Student Health Centre                                                    CM-060

Student Counselling Centre                                        CM-073

Chaplaincy                                                                              Between Contemplative Centre and Bookshop

Accommodation Office                                                   DO-035

Print Room                                                                              E1-006

Postgraduate Reading / Computer Rooms           A1-085 and A1-084

Millstream Common Room                                           Millstream building on right hand side at the bottom of the Living Bridge

First Seven Weeks/ Student’s Union                       To the left of the entrance of the SU

Postgraduate Students’ Union                                    Stables Courtyard

Limerick Smarter Travel                                                  Tuesdays in the Student Union Courtyard

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